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Made To Order - Holographic Circle Skirt


Now available limited please allow 6-7weeks to parcel to be shipped

New holographic circle skirt
$90 USD with with free shipping.

Size XS - waistband 62cm - 24.5 inch - length 42 cm
Size S - waistband 66cm - 26 inch - length 42cm
Size M - Waistband 71cm - 27.5 inch Length 42cm
Size L - Waistband 76cm - 29inch length 43cm
Size XL - Waistband 82cm - 32inch, Length 43cm
Size XXL - Waistband 88cm - 34.5inch, Length 43cm

100% PU

Care instruction
Dry clean only

Please note we are forced to fold the skirt into parcel, you can get rid of the creases by doing warm iron inside out :)