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Made To Order - Pleated Silver Holographic Skirt by GFD


Handmade by GFD
please note this skirt will take 7 weeks to arrive.
it is one of the most difficult pieces to create, please give it some time and plan in advance when you have event coming up.

We offer 7 sizes

XXS - Waistband Skirt 59cm or 23.5 inch, Length of Skirt 38cm
XS - Waistband Skirt 62cm or 24.5inch, Length of skirt 39cm
Small - Waistband skirt 66cm or 26inch, Length of Skirt 39cm
Medium - Waistband 71cm or 27.5inch, Length of skirt 41cm
Large - Waistband 76cm or 29inch, Length of skirt 41cm
XL - Waistband 82cm or 31ch, Length of skirt 43cm
XXL - Waistband 88cm or 34.5inch, Length of skirt 42cm

Care Instruction
Dry Clean Only!!!
if it's not dirty, don't clean it. wear a few times before sending to dry clean.
if you spill drinks on skirt, simply give it a wipe with wet cloth.

iron can be done with low heat inside out.